Being “FIT”

We are living in a time where Health and Fitness have become commodities that sell faster than hot cakes. Perhaps the only other thing that would make us give up on our love for sinfully exquisite food is the desire to “look” good and achieve a certain level of physical “performance”. Both these desires drive a sense of accomplishment and pride for majority of us. I can conveniently say that Health and fitness can never go out of style!

Who am I?

An engineer by qualification, a teacher by profession  and a bodybuilder by passion; my love for Fitness started 8 years ago. During my teens, Bollywood was stormed by the trend of the “ripped six-pack” physique. Having a body like these celebrities became an overnight dream of the entire generation. My first association with the gym was when I came to grad school. Amidst the chaos of assignments, 12 week body transformation challenges, late night lifting sessions and novice nutritional knowledge I began do what I was trained for as an engineer- thinking critically and finding solutions. I had to somehow find the solution to the underlying questions at hand- WHAT is health & fitness? HOW to work towards them? WHY is it important?

“Educate To Empower”

My goal with this blog is to educate you towards a healthy and fit lifestyle. This will empower you with the tools to unlock levels of physical training above and beyond the basics. Do understand that here you will not find things like “5 ways to build muscle, 10 diet hacks to get shredded, 2 magic exercises for core strength…”. This blog is all about the UNADULTERATED and RAW aspects of fitness. It will take you far ahead from the realms of fancy marketing and glamour and give you the hard hitting truth.

The Dilema

Starting out, you will usually find yourself lost on the path as there will be a great number of  paths to walk on in the first place. Each path taking you to a different place, each path nurturing a different goal. For some it would mean losing unwanted pockets of fat or putting on quality weight, for others it would simply be about feeling rejuvenated. More often than not, your initial goals will stem from the desire to improve vanity or how you look in the mirror. Walk a little further on the path and you’ll be exposed to a new kind of high; the one that dictates your ability to push yourself on various performance parameters. How many pull ups can you manage? how much weight can you lift on your basic exercises? how good is your execution of these exercises? how many miles can you clock at a stretch when you run? How far can you jump? For how long can you hold the hand stand? How well can you beat down a punching bag? How many overhead squats can you perform while balancing atop a bosu ball? How well can you juggle dumbbells while blah blah blah? You see that right there? Its all a blah. You’ve lost sight of the goal and before you know it, you’re swimming through uncharted territory.

This is where things start getting murky, you’re neither focusing on looking better nor are you measuring your performance on similar parameters.  Total CHAOS; a wise man once said “Chaos is a ladder” and the consequences of slipping of the ladder are anything but good. So what should the ultimate goal be? Physical appearance or physical performance? Here’s the thing- IT SHOULDN’T BE A CHOICE. The two aren’t mutually exclusive but rather go hand in hand. You have to work towards appearance AND performance. Think of it as a super car- a Le Ferrari perhaps? Killer looks with ultra high performance!


All that glitters is NOT gold

Further more, due to easy exposure to media, you will see a lot of potential paths to follow- different styles of training, new exercises, workout plans, etc. How do you choose whats essential for you? You have to be smart when it comes to making the right choice. Make no mistake, not everything works the way you expect it to. Fanciness is not a good way to know if something has solid value to it. Sometimes, your choice of training will back fire; pushing you to the side line with injuries. You must measure the input vs output of whatever you decide to choose. Weigh the efficiency of the plan, see the the benefits you can reap from it, predict the sustainability and then take a decision. When in doubt about the choice of a certain type of training or exerecise, ask yourself this-

“What is my goal? Does the choice help me achieve it?”

I have always held these logical questions at the fore front of my thought process. Never have they miss guided me. Clarity of the mind is crucial when it comes to understanding the path to fitness. The more you invest your mind in it, the simpler it will be to achieve success. In the next blog post, I will explain the order of progression you must follow to successfully find your footing in the world of Health and Fitness. Remember, true fitness does not depend on “how many” styles of training you can succeed at. It depends on your ability to master that ONE style of training while enhancing different physical parameters.

-Yug Verma



6 thoughts on “GENESIS: Part 1

  1. Hey Yug! Congrats on having your own blog and your very first post! I loved the fact that there is so much learning and knowledge within those finite number of words and thats how strong words are! Glad you chose a blog over a channel on youtube.
    Best wishes and luck! Cheers man

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  2. Hey Yug,
    Good post, i’ve a question for you, in the last sentence you mentioned: ” It depends on your ability to master that ONE style of training while enhancing different physical parameters.” when you say different “styles”, what are those and how do we know which one to master at?
    I know this can be a huge topic in itself, maybe a blogpost on this at some point? I would appreciate that.

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